March 31, 2013

Kahlua Cake

This is a cake my grandmother always used to make! It's a simple chocolate cake cut into 4 layers and "iced" it with whipping cream with kahlua. If the cake won't be served immediately you should add some gelatin to the whipping cream before you whip it. Spread whipped cream and a crushed up Skor bar between each layer. Top with 2 crushed Skor bars. So yummy but VERY rich!

Gift cake

A gift for Shar!


Tammy's twilight birthday cake


Storm trooper head!

October 12, 2012

Light Sabre Cakes

Luke and Ben (6)

These light-sabre cakes were done by simply cutting a rectangular cake into strips, arranging them, icing them in bright colours and adding matching glow sticks down both sides of each cake!

You can see the glow sticks in this picture:

Luke and Ben (9)

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cake


I never got to see this cake fully assembled.  I made all the elements, then it was picked up and transported 4 hours away where they put it together.


Bottom Zebra Tier

IMG_0005 - Copy

Top Giraffe Tier


Baby Giraffe and Baby Monkey.